The Charities

Tiny Lives are a charity that supports premature and sick new born babies and their families on the Neonatal unit at the RVI hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. They support babies and their families through:

  • Developmental care aids and equipment
  • A support pack for every family
  • A family room and accommodation for families to stay close to their baby
  • travel cots
  • A Neonatal physiotherapist
  • Special training for nursing staff 
  • Research grants
Tiny Lives need to raise at least £150,000 every year to support the work that they do.

So you're probably wondering what is is that has drawn me to Tiny Lives? We'll on the 4th August 2014 my daughter Islay was brought into the world 6 weeks earlier than planned. She spent a week on the special care Neonatal unit at the RVI hospital in Newcastle. She received exceptional care from the staff on the ward, supported by Tiny Lives, in what was the toughest week of my wife and I's life.

Cerebra aim to help children 16 or under who have a wide range of neurodevelopmental disorders and conditions. This ranges from children with Cerebral palsy to brain injuries to seizure disorders and much more. This comes in the form of grants for specialist equipment, speech and language therapy and more. They also provide help and support to families of those children by providing a helpline for dealing with stress, assistance with correctly filling out forms and general advice for families to help support their child. 

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